A cross-functional swat team

We are a friendly, independent collective of scientists, strategists, and engineers.

Helping companies create massive value

We band together for our common passion; to build smart products and transform companies with AI and ML.

Why we do it

We live and breathe the bleeding edge; our mantra is that every company, large or small, can do the same.

Our offering

Our battle-tested four phase approach helps companies anywhere on the AI maturity spectrum.


Our team of ex-BCG data science strategists will benchmark your existing capabilities. Through this, we will emerge with a list of use cases (each with a sequenced roadmap and deliverables schedule) that you can rank order and allocate real dollars and headcount to.


Our team of machine, deep, and reinforcement learning experts will assimilate your product requirements and prototype the right algorithms and models via robust scientific inquiry and experimentation.


We work with your in-house engineers to have a model that can be used and deployed within your stack. Our team of PM's and machine learning engineers will create a standalone script, Docker container, model dashboard, or API.


Through the course of our work, we help close organizational gaps, identify key technical and managerial hires, and impart an agile process to ensure proper governance and change management.

We've done this before

We craft practical solutions to tough problems in any industry and function.
Our models and data pipelines have sustainably generated billions of dollars.


  • E-commerce and fast retail

  • Energy markets

  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical

  • Industrial goods and manufacturing

  • Financial services and investments

  • Media and tourism


  • Marketing and personalization

  • Pricing

  • Supply chain and operations research

  • Reinforcement learning and optimal control

  • Workforce optimization

  • Analytics and IT enablement

Meet the Collective

We are end-to-end Scientists / Strategists / Engineers. We build world class solutions without the bloat of traditional consulting firms.
Michael Shuffett

Michael Shuffett


BCG - Senior Scientist
Disney - Engineering Manager
Amazon - Software Engineer

Andy Zhang

Andy Zhang


UCSF - Research Partner
Chartboost - ML Engineer
Livefyre - Software Engineer
Activitus - Founder

Jack Chua

Jack Chua

Expedia - Director of Data Science
BCG - Project Leader
Placed - Research Scientist
Amazon - Data Scientist

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